Computer Science Education Summit to Be Held in Milwaukee

5 min readApr 25, 2024

With local partners Marquette University and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, CSforALL will host the eighth annual national Computer Science Education Summit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this October

Join the CSforALL Community at the Annual Summit in Milwaukee, WI during October 23–25, 2024

This year, CSforALL will be hosting the national Computer Science for ALL conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with local partners Marquette University and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the eighth annual CSforALL Summit.

“CSforALL is excited to partner with Marquette University and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to bring this year’s Summit to Milwaukee! The CS education community is in for a stimulating experience in this vibrant city. We’re looking forward to bringing the CSforALL community together for a three-day conference focused on ‘Leading Action to Impact’. This theme emphasizes the power of our deliberate actions in driving impactful advancements in the CS education landscape,” said Camie Belgrave, Senior Director, Programs and Partnerships, CSforALL.

Join the CSforALL team in Milwaukee this October 23–25 to share ideas, learn new strategies, and celebrate the impact of computer science education for all!

“Marquette University is thrilled to bring the CSforALL Summit to Milwaukee, the city we call home, to accelerate progress towards expanding equitable, rigorous and engaging computer science education here and across our great state of Wisconsin,” said Dr. Dennis Brylow, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Marquette University. “We firmly believe every student, especially those from backgrounds underrepresented in computing, deserves access to educational experiences which will empower them to be leaders in the ethical development and usage of emerging technologies. Marquette University is committed to leading action that will impact and support a strong statewide tech talent pipeline!”

We’ll be joined by national thought leaders for inspiring conversations on achieving equity and inclusion in CS education. Together, we’ll explore ways to increase access and equity; expand teacher training and support; enhance curriculum and assessment; and turn passion into action for real-world CS education impact.

“It’s incredibly important for every student to be able to thrive and succeed in the digital world. Computer science education is the cornerstone of the digital age, empowering Wisconsin students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This summit brings together those who will ensure we meet this moment and continue our progress toward providing access for all our state’s students,” said Wisconsin State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly.

This year’s Summit theme, “Leading Action to Impact,” is focused on the essence of moving beyond solely learning or talking about computer science education, and instead taking concrete steps that create positive change for all students.

Our goal this Summit is for individuals and organizations to go beyond theory and make a real difference in computer science education. It’s about empowering future generations to become creators, innovators, and problem-solvers who can shape the world with technology.

“Hosting the CSforALL National Conference in Wisconsin is a momentous opportunity for the CSTA Wisconsin Dairyland chapter to showcase the vibrant CS education community in our state and to collaborate with educators, leaders, and advocates from across the nation to advance equitable computer science education for all students. Computer scientists are designing the future that the rest of us live in, so it’s imperative that all citizens have the opportunity to join in the creation of that future. As a chapter, we aim to amplify our commitment to advancing CS education and to inspire collective action towards a future where every learner has the opportunity to become a creator, problem-solver, and leader in our increasingly interconnected world,” said CSTA Wisconsin Dairyland Chapter Leadership Team.

CSforALL’s Impact in Wisconsin

CSforALL’s involvement in Wisconsin is represented by CSforALL’s approach to creating a local network of interconnected resources, organizations, and individuals. In Wisconsin, 45 school districts across the state have participated in CSforALL’s SCRIPT (the Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool). SCRIPT guides teams of district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a workshop comprised of collaborative visioning, self-assessment, and goal-setting. This empowers them to create or expand computer science education programs.

Are you a district in Wisconsin that is looking to expand its CS education plan for its students? Contact the SCRIPT Team at!

Out of the 99 school districts in the state of Wisconsin, 45 have participated in a SCRIPT workshop.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners:

At CSforALL, we recognize that the national convening couldn’t happen without the support of individuals and organizations. CSforALL Summit Sponsorship provides robust and customizable sponsorship and/or exhibit opportunities for the local community and nationally.

Thank you to our growing list of sponsors and partners!

Leading by Action in CS Education: CSforALL is anticipating the opening of the 2024 CSforALL Call for Commitments for all types of organizations around the world to submit their new, specific, and measurable CS education action. For the eighth year, CSforALL welcomes all stakeholders (nonprofits, corporations, school districts, universities, and more) to make CSforALL Commitments in support of achieving the ultimate goal of computer science education for ALL students. The 2024 Call for Commitments opens on May 7, 2024.

About CSforALL: The CSforALL Mission is to make high-quality computer science an integral part of the education experience for all K-12 students by mobilizing and strengthening expertise, capacity, and knowledge of communities to support the next generation of problem solvers through systemic-change initiatives and partnerships.

About Marquette University: Marquette University is a transformative university located near the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Students come here to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and sense of community they need to build meaningful careers, lead purposeful lives, and reshape the world around them. Marquette University Fast Facts.

About Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is the state agency that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin. Our mission is to advance equitable, transformative, and sustainable educational experiences that develop learners, schools, libraries, and communities in Wisconsin.

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