CSforALL Opens New Capacity Building and Implementation Support Cohort for Schools

3 min readApr 19, 2022

CSforALL and the US Marine Corps JROTC seek high schools for the 2022 Marines JROTC-CS Cohort to build computer science and cybersecurity education programs for students

Join CSforALL and the US Marine Corps JROTC for the 2022 Marines JROTC-CS Cohort to build computer science and cybersecurity education programs

Building and implementing computer science and cybersecurity education programs in high schools across the country is fundamental to prepare a diverse generation with computing and cyber security skills. In order to do this, CSforALL is partnering with the United States Marine Corps JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) HQ to empower nationwide high-needs schools in offering computer science (CS) and cybersecurity education programs to students in the Marines JROTC program. This innovative effort complements the ongoing bi-partisan JROTC Cyber Training Act, which authorizes the U.S. Department of Defense JROTC program to provide evidence-based computer science and cybersecurity education to all JROTC cadets.

In collaboration with the US Marines, the new 2022–2023 cohort aims to recruit eight Marines JROTC host high schools across different states, collectively serving up to 16,000 students.

“To ensure we continue to grow and strengthen a diverse tech workforce, we must address and bridge the CS education access gap at Junior ROTC schools,’’ said CSforALL Project Director, JROTC-CS, Tina Boyle Whyte. “With the Marine Corps JROTC, the new 2022 Marines JROTC-CS Cohort will prepare high schools with the tools and connections to build AP computer science principles and cybersecurity programs for students (cadets) and the entire student body.”

What does the 2022–2023 Marines JROTC-CS Cohort look like?

Sustainable computer science education plans for ALL require a long-term commitment and an informed, strategic approach from the local education systems — and especially at the school level. Participating schools receive school-wide capacity building training and professional development for teachers, counselors, and additional school staff.

What do high schools gain by joining this cohort?

In addition to training and professional development for school staff, high schools have the opportunity to join and network with the national computer science for all community. Along with having opportunities to meet and build relationships with tech corporations.

What are teachers and JROTC Instructors gaining for their schools joining this cohort?

Computer science teachers are trained through the College Board providers to be prepared to teach AP Computer Science Principles, and JROTC Instructors receive training and resources from NCWIT to support students in pursuing computer science and cybersecurity career pathways. Teachers that have completed their training are recognized as national computer science curriculum instructors and have the opportunity to network within the computer science community.

What do students gain from their school joining this cohort?

Students that attended high schools that are part of the national Marines JROTC-CS Cohort will have access to cutting edge curriculum around CS principles and cybersecurity, gain knowledge, skills and proficiencies in tech related fields, and potential opportunities to pursue future careers in computer science and/or cybersecurity.

Successfully Selected Schools:

  1. Jeremiah E. Burke High School (Dorchester, MA)
  2. Carvers Bay High School (Hemingway, SC)
  3. Rutland High School (Macon, GA)
  4. Chamberlain High School (Tampa, FL)
  5. John C. Fremont High School (Los Angeles, CA)

How and where do high schools apply?

The Marines JROTC-CS Cohort is accepting schools in the US that are a high school including grades 9–12, have a Marine Corps JROTC unit, and are interested in building AP computer Science principles and/or cybersecurity programs. For more details, please email CSforALL’s Project Director, JROTC-CS, Tina Boyle Whyte at jrotc@csnyc.org by May 9, 2022.

About CSforALL:

CSforALL’s mission is to make high-quality computer science an integral part of the educational experience of all K-12 students and teachers and to support student pathways to college and career success. CSforALL serves as the national hub for the K-12 computer science education movement. We convene and sustain networks to support the national landscape of school districts, nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies that share the goal of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable CS education in the U.S.

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