Fun with Remote Learning With Your Child During COVID-19

How Can Families Keep Learning F-U-N for Their Students in This Environment?

Exploring Gaming in Education

Coincidentally, I had been exploring gaming as a medium for education. I had been working on an initiative called Solitaired, with the goal of exploring how classical games can be used in education, from brain training to finding new ways to engage learners.

How the Alphabet Led to a Light Bulb Moment

With my professional goals of exploring gamification in education in mind, I looked at my daughter and started thinking about what kind of educational games she could play. How could she learn, have fun, and stay engaged in this at-home environment?

Why Innovate Games Can be Helpful During the Pandemic

The simple process of creating a game for my daughter reminded me of what my son’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hendler, often preached. She wanted to make kindergarten so enjoyable that her students would not only look forward to kindergarten, but carry that excitement through all of K-12.

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