How One Non-Profit Commits to the Ultimate Goal of Computer Science Education

Carlos Vazquez Introducing Miami EdTech

My Education + Teaching = Miami EdTech

Two experiences shaped my desire to launch Miami EdTech. First, my experience as a student in the NYC Public School system and experiencing firsthand the impact of teachers on STEM pathways specifically for students from low-income environments where the only source of access was school. My third grade teacher in particular sparked my interest in STEM and supported my curiosity in technology despite not being familiar herself. I went on to study computer science in college at Fordham University but never quite felt that I belonged in that environment. I took a job in sales after college because it was the first opportunity that came up (couldn’t afford to search around). I learned an MS in Web Strategy and Design while working full-time and dabbled in entrepreneurship by launching a music business.

Joining the National Stage

Miami EdTech being announced in the first cohort of EcoSystemsforCS awardees!

Making a CS Commitment

Last year in Salt Lake City, CSforALL announced new commitments from schools, cities, nonprofits, and companies to expand Computer Science Education at their national Summit. With Miami being my home and my commitment, Miami EdTech made a CS commitment to provide professional development to 100 teachers, which will support integration of computational thinking and computer science principles across subject areas during 2019–2020. Our focus on teachers is intended to create a scalable model for addressing the fields of software, computing, and computer science that are plagued by stark underrepresentation of gender, race, ethnicity, geography, and family income.

Make a 2020 CSforALL Commitment here, or learn more about Commitments.



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