The Computer Science Community Walking into Memphis for the 4th Annual CSforALL Summit

2020 CSforALL Summit to be held October 13–15 in Memphis, Tennessee

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CSforALL is delighted to announce that the 2020 CSforALL Summit will be hosted in historic and musical Memphis, Tennessee. We’re excited to bring the CSforALL Summit and CS education community to the southern home of the blues, soul, rock-n-roll music, and barbecue.

The national K-12 computer science education community will come together for a three-day convening October 13–15, 2020 to share, learn and celebrate the #CSforALL movement. With our Memphis partner CodeCrew, we’re looking forward to high-level conversations with national thought leaders highlighting strategies for equity, removing barriers to access, and building meaningful engagement for all students.

“With the 2020 CSforALL Summit in Memphis, we hope to see a greater appreciation and support from the local community around the importance of computer science education for all students,” said Meka Egwuekwe, CodeCrew, Executive Director. “With more local supporters in the community that truly understands the importance of this work, our CS reach and impact for students can exponentially increase in Memphis.”

The annual CSforALL Summit is the flagship community event for computer science education in the US, bringing together the national community of computer science educators, researchers, advocates, and organizations to mark progress and announce new commitments to reach the goal of access to rigorous, inclusive, and sustainable CS education for all US students.

“The goal of this year’s summit is to create opportunities to highlight organizations and initiatives that focus on bringing CS education access to underserved youth,” said Camie Belgrave CSforALL. “In Memphis, our expectation is to raise awareness and drive action with key decision-makers to impact not only local change but cross state borderlines including, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi etc.”

“Situating the CSforALL Summit in Memphis provides a unique opportunity to connect with stakeholders across the South to learn, engage and discover innovative approaches to bring CS to all kids,” said Ruthe Farmer, CSforALL “Paraphrasing music legend Steve Cropper — Memphis is in a very lucky position on the map. Everything just gravitates to Memphis.”

Every year CSforALL launches and announces Commitments — new, specific, and measurable actions taken by the community stakeholders in support of computer science for all students in the U.S. — at our national Summit. This year, with the unpredictable COVID-19 global crisis at hand, the need for advanced technology to support digital learning has become essential for students. Now more than ever, organizations need to support the critical skills needed to prepare the future solvers. Commitments are a great first step to support and advance the national mission of computer science for all students. Commitment applications will open in April. Learn more on our website.

Our 2019 Summit garnered over 250 new CS education commitments from over 171 organizations, launching millions of CS education opportunities for youth and educators, we can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

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CodeCrew works to transform the Memphis community through programs that focus on ensuring students are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and they learn how to put this knowledge to use through programming and software development concepts. CodeCrew programs include a number of summer camps, after school programs, in-school electives classes, internships and special events. Since May 2015, CodeCrew has taught more than 2,000 students to code. Of the 500 kids they serve weekly, 91% are black and latinx youth, 41% are female, and overall, 89% of their students are more likely to study computer science.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting, email:

We are hopeful that COVID-19 will not impact any of our Fall 2020 events such as the CSforALL Summit. However, if COVID-19 or any other cause makes it impractical to hold in-person events, we plan to reschedule for an alternative time, host a virtual conference or another alternative event. See full CSforALL COVID-19 Response here.

2019 CSforALL Summit Photos and Videos

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