Web Creation is Everywhere

A scrolling minimalist website about chameleons created for a science class project.
Students can create websites in any subject — like this site created for a science class project.

Exploring web design, creation, and development across the curriculum!

A scrolling, colorful book report website about Don Quixote
Bring websites to ELA and writing classrooms by creating online book reports or writing from the perspective of a character.
A picture of a table of ideas for creating websites as capstone projects broken down by subject!
An e-portfolio website with an image of a teen holding a skateboard, welcome text that reads”Hi, I’m Zaya, Welcome to my Junior Year portfolio”
Students can create e-portfolios to showcase their work, express their personality, and reflect on their learning across subjects and grade levels.
Scrolling website titled Community Coastal Cleanup with image of an ocean and facts about the organization.
Students can create websites that ignite their passions while flexing their technological skills by creating websites about causes they care about.
Website for STEM Club, and after-school club, with illustrated images of STEM items.
Club or interest websites allow students to bridge their skills and interests across subjects and share ideas with their local communities.
Interactive website with a button reading Click to Mix that mixes two different images together when pressed.
Websites are digital blank canvases! Create projects that invite students to explore and experiment with new ideas and new tools.



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